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Margaret Jackson is the business owner of Kool Reign Productions, a freelance writer for San Jose Examiner Women’s Business , and a seminar speaker. Jackson has over 20 years experience in the production arena and more than 25 years as a business professional.

Jackson is experienced in managing full production operations. Jackson partnered with mega ministry Jubilee Christian Center (JCC) for five years to oversee and support many of their production projects. The program productions included “Year of Jubilee” and “The Fellas”. Year of Jubilee is a world-wide inspirational program, services included: producer, director and NLE post production services, and production training for their crew. The Fellas an all male talk show produced entirely through virtual and green screen technology using the Ultimatte 9, services included: producer and Ultimatte 9 director, and producer training. Additional services included Senior Producer and Editor for JCC Easter services of 2004 and 2005 for world-wide broadcast distribution. The production was held at the San Jose Arena the “Sharks Tank” over 15,000 in attendance. Special guests included NFL legend Jim Brown, recording artists Smokey Robinson, James Ingram, MC Hammer, and San Jose officials, Former Vice Mayor Cindy Chavez, and Mayor Chuck Reed.

MJ is dedicated to producing high-end media no matter the scope of the project. MJ’s credit list is extensive having opportunities to work on productions that included high profile celebrities from Deepak Chopra, Former President Bill Clinton, Senator Jim Talent, 49ers, Raiders, and 180I Marketing for Cisco Systems Government Flash brochures “Homeland Security”. MJ has produced and directed client projects for CBN, TLN, TBN, INSP/ILIFE, KTSF, KLOVE, KFAX, KNTV/NBC11, PBS, SJ 15, UFCW Local 5, and more. In 2002, IHPGM of Charlotte, NC secured, Jackson to produce a video invitation to President George W. Bush to attend a memorial outreach on the one-year anniversary of the 2001 Terrorists Attacks. The invite was well received by President Bush and the talk of his staff as it circulated throughout the White House via email distribution. Jackson is a firm believer that every project counts and can impact the masses.

Jackson is a successful business woman and promotes commerce between local businesses and community development through seminar speaking. She has learned how to bridge business gaps in doing business as a woman, and as a faith-based business owner. She generates a level playing field that boosts win-win B2B and B2C relationships. Her business and production strategies have been award winning of the Davey Award and the Communicator’s Award. She is an expert communicator and a confidence builder for business professionals and owners. Her professional arsenal is immense. She has assisted companies in the following areas:
• Improved bottom line and reduced company spending
• Developed service level agreements for maintaining major corporate contracts
• Developed business plans and multimedia presentations that acquired operating capital from $225k to 15million dollars in funding.

Jackson’s newest venture is a live radio show aired on AM 1220 KDOW Bay Area's Business Leader "Money 2.0 Business on the Edge with Margaret Jackson". Jackson is bringing on the edge business coaching to today’s entrepreneur and business professional!
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