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Where we are refreshing the art of entertainment in film, television, radio, and webisodes.

Today,significant demand for unique high-quality film and TV programming is providing opportunities for prepared and qualified persons. Kool Reign Productions is a new independent content provider that provides cutting-edge film and television.

KRP brings talented and innovative writers, producers and directors together to provide original programming that entertains, informs, and appeals to today’s family oriented viewers. KRP also provides film, television, and webisodes content based on real life subject matter such as youth, faith, work, family, food, politics, and relationships from an entertaining perspective for television networks, film distribution, and Internet entertainment.

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KRP Projects

Hasina Cooks in Mama's Kitchen
Chef Hasina hosts a cooking program on nutrition, comfort food, and straight talk from today's youth in mama's kitchen.
Keep Your Courage
In Kingdom Voice Studio with new artist Dee Hill & Dove Award winner Mark Kenoly recording her first single "Keep Your Courage" a message to young victims of inner-city violence.
Business on the Edge AM 1220 KDOW
Business on the Edge is a talk-radio resource hub that delivers straight-edgy business talk. It is an out-of-the-box approach to talking business in today’s world of free enterprise.
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Building Blocks for Women in Business

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